Customs Clearance

We are well-known for rendering effective solutions for Customs clearance to our clients.



Cleared and Delivered

Customer’s goods arriving at Sea and Airports are promptly cleared on-time, and, delivered to the customers warehouse/site by the pre-determined timeframe.

This is the core of our business, and hence, have instilled maximum of our taskforce in this department.

As we understand this is sensitive area that calls for special attention to satisfy each customer’s individual requirements.

Standing Guarantees

When the import shipment arrives before the delivery of shipping documents, we can arrange for a standing guarantee. The Customs issue the shipping guarantee to the shipping company or the shipping company agent. The shipping guarantee letter assures that upon receipt of the shipment documents, the applicant will follow-up promptly with the official bill of lading in exchange of the guarantee letter. It also means the applicant affords all liabilities and expenses arising thereupon.